Service value offerings to our farmers.

Our farmers are our business and we ensure service offerings which add sustained value.

Services offered

• Technical support and mentoring on innovative farming systems
• Financing solutions to help with working capital and increasing scale
• Linking farmers to markets

Our solution is designed to:
• Deliver production and technical support, including mentorship, at the farm level
• Help farmers increase the volume of their produce (tons per hectare and quality) in order to obtain better value from the market
• Arrange financing support for working capital and help them expand their economic activities
• Offer reliable grain storage capacity
• Negotiate and broker off-taking opportunities on a predictable basis

The AFGRAIN Offering

  • FARMER SUPPORT: Training, technical support, and mentorship on modern farming techniques to ensure a high quality yield per hectare
  • STORAGE: Innovative and cost effective storage mechanisms to ensure adequate protection of the yield against the elements
  • FINANCE: An on-lending facility with innovative solutions allows access to funding
  • TRADING: Sourcing of the market and guaranteeing prices to farmers to ensure participation at a larger commercial scale

Supported by sound governance structures & policies, solid stakeholder relationships, integrity and innovation.